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Nursery dresser make-over with Fusion Mineral Paint

November 30, 2017

Good day everyone! I want to say right away how thankful I am to Fusion Mineral Paint for the sponsorship of this product and post. Since we are waiting for our house to sell and to buy a new one, we are making room in our master bedroom for baby girl #2, who arrives in January. That said, I didn’t want to buy any new furniture until we are settled, but make do with what we have.

I’ve had this old dresser of my Grandma’s for years, and had painted it robins egg blue several years ago when that color was my obsession! (for anyone who attended our wedding, they can attest to this!) But now, I’m kind of over it, and wanted something fresh for our baby girl. We plan to use this as a changetable in our room, and eventually in her nursery in our new house.

Enter Fusion Mineral Paint Tones for Tots. I knew I wanted something soft, as I wrote about the vision I have for our girl’s nursery in this post here. I want her room (when we have it all set up) to be earthy romantic. So I chose Little Piggy, which is a really soft pink. I like that Fusion Mineral Paint has zero VOC, requires little prep work and has a built-in topcoat! I did end up using their clear furniture wax, just to give it a little extra lustre, but it wasn’t a necessary step. I also love that they are a Canadian company and provide non-toxic paint options.

My husband lovingly sanded off the old paint and wax, as I had applied too much wax for the Fusion paint to be applied to. It will last longer on clean, unwaxed surfaces. The paint soaked into the wood like a dream and I love the finished product! It’s a soft pink, that is super adorable and sweet looking! Fusion is cheaper than chalk paints I have tried, and I only used just over half the 500ml container for the whole dresser (two coats). I kept the same hardware, as this is budget friendly and I think it is just fine with the original knobs!

Enjoy the before and after photos! This is in our bedroom for now, so when we have moved and set up her nursery, I will repost a finished bedroom reveal!

After … 

And one final before and after look…

For the first little while, as baby sleeps in our room, we have borrowed my husband’s stepsisters’ wooden bassinet that they slept in. I gave it a quick polish with Fusion Beeswax Finish, and now it’s good to go!

Her little “corner” is getting prepared, as we count down the weeks to her arrival! I am 33 weeks pregnant now, and with Christmas coming, and a pending move, I am trying to find a balance between rest and preparation!

I hope you enjoyed our little updates!

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