Savouring the heart of Advent in a simple way (from someone who never has)

December 1, 2017

The other day we were at some friend’s house, and I was admiring her Advent calendar all thoughtfully ready to go, in anticipation of December 1. My first thought was, “Oh my goodness, I haven’t even THOUGHT of Advent! I should be doing something!” You see, our daughter isn’t quite old enough to truly engage or appreciate something like that, and with less than two months until a baby and a pending house sale, my thought life has been a little consumed with checklists and countdowns!

I talked this over with another friend as we watched our kids play at the library, and said how I had immediately felt like I should be doing SOMETHING for Advent. Like I felt pressure to measure up – to what, I’m not sure. Aren’t I a Christian blogger? Someone who SHOULD be offering these ideas?! We both agreed in our Type A driven personalities that we like to do things really good and perfect the first time – not progressively.

And it’s been on my mind ever since. Do I, don’t I? So here I am. Writing about my lack of Advent preparation, as I sit and watch yet another Hallmark movie and eat salty chips with peppermint tea. I decided I am not going to put that kind of pressure on myself since I am not doing anything “official” in our home for Advent. I just can’t promote something I am not myself actively doing!

However. This is something I DO plan to do, as it’s already becoming a part of my daily life. THAT I can share 🙂

Advent is meant to be a time of anticipation and expectation –  as we look back upon Christ’s first coming and at the same time looking forward in eager anticipation to the coming of Christ’s kingdom when he returns for His people.

So what helps me celebrate Jesus? That is a list I will share, and whatever way you choose to incorporate it into this Advent season is up to you. I think the main thing is that we take time for quiet and celebrate what He has already done for us, in the midst of what can seem to be a VERY busy season for most.

5 Simple ways to celebrate CHRIST this Advent season:

  1. As you drive in the car (with your kids, or alone), start to list a few things that you are consciously thankful for. Be specific. I have started to do this with Elizabeth here and there, and while she has no idea what I’m saying (nor I her!), it is a discipline I look forward to cultivating in our family as the girls get older.
  2. Embrace moments over mess. The other night I attempted to make simple shortbread cookies with my girl. Troy was out for supper, so we just had leftovers. With simple clean up and time before bedtime, I thought, “Let’s do this!” Well, she was squishing almost every cookie we cut, eating the dough, and the dog was underfoot licking up the droppings. But you know what? There was a sweet moment where I kissed her and said, “I love you!” and she put her hand on my back. And left it there. Like she said, “Me too, Mom, me too.” Making a memory of our first Christmas cookie adventure was worth the cleanup! And for me, someone who likes things clean, letting go of having things my way all the time actually helps me meet Jesus more!
  3. Take moments of quiet wherever you can find them. Celebrate what Jesus has already done, and that someday, we will see Him again! Before you step out of bed, while peeing (yep!), in the shower, or even while getting dressed. We can always find ways to turn our hearts to Christ.
  4. Play worshipful music in the background of your home. I throw on YouTube on our Apple TV all the time. Now, a lot of it is Christmas music, but even that (much of it!) is Christ-centered.
  5. Make something homemade. For someone. Just because. It’s amazing how being creative feeds your heart.

Here are a couple scripture reading resources if you are looking for some direction this Christmas!

25 Days of Advent Devotional – Jane Johnson

Bible App – if you search “advent” or “Christmas” on the Bible App, you will find loads of devotionals to feast on throughout December

Advent Personal Study – by The Village Church

And now that I have written this, and researched some devos, I myself feel better armed to celebrate and prepare my heart for Jesus during this Advent season!

Let’s not let December escape us without a heart of thanks and anticipation, friends! Love to you all.


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