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34 week baby bump: The real countdown begins

December 6, 2017

34 weeks. How did we get here so quickly?

Being pregnant with our second girl has been VERY different from my first pregnancy. I wouldn’t say I “glow”… I waddle now like I’m carrying a bowling ball, have to catch my breath after 10 stairs, and my left leg is a scrumptious shade of blue and purple (thanks vericose veins!). BUT… baby girl moves a tonne, I’ve hardly been nauseous at all this pregnancy or had many headaches, my blood pressure and iron have been normal, and I can already feel the love from family and friends for our new girl!

I teared up the other day when I looked at Troy and said with excitement and relief, “We get to meet her soon!” We are still back and forth on a name. I think we’re waiting for an ah-ha moment like we had with Elizabeth, but perhaps we just need to MEET this one first! Which the thought of birthing her and NOT knowing her name spins me into a bit of a panic, being a planner and all! 😉

I am hoping she’s on-time (oh if only we get to plan these things!), and not early. I’d like to get Christmas packed away and breathe a couple weeks before she arrives! We have a little “big sister” gift for Elizabeth from baby, and my to-do list is slowly getting smaller.

We are still in our home that’s for sale, so I asked Troy to capture a few similar photos that we did with Elizabeth (posted here), except now there is a sweet little blonde toddler in a few of them! Here we go… 34 weeks…

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