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Top five posts of 2017

January 3, 2018

Happy New Year everyone! Does anyone else find it crazy that we’re at 2018 already? I remember Y2K like it was yesterday πŸ˜‰ I’ve been sitting here eating up chocolate chip cookies I made last night, and marvelling that we’re just two weeks away (give or take!) from meeting our baby girl! This mamma is ready. So if I am MIA for a while, you know why! I promise to do an introduction and birth story when I am ready!

I wanted to share the most viewed posts from the last few months of 2017 as I found it interesting which ones received the most views.Β  I say the “last few months” of 2017, as I did a revamp of my blog in September, and believe that my stats are most accurate from then on out (unfortunately!). The most-read blogs have to do with family and mamma life and how to make home better, which I found interesting!

I think we all want to learn from others, and we all want to do “better”. My unofficial goal for 2018 is to give more grace to myself to let God do His work, rather than me striving and figuring things out (I really really like to do that!). So… I have no actual written out goals, but to draw near to Jesus more as we become a family of four, and receive the unending grace upon grace He promises to give us for our good and His glory.

Now to recap, here’s your 5Β favourite posts from the last few months of 2017 in order of most viewed!

How Essential Oils Have Impacted This Mamma’s Family

Caramel popcorn, expectations and a bowl of tears

Life, and how we water our grass

8 simple cleaning and organizing tips (from someone who is still figuring out what works for her)

It’s a girl!

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