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When essentials oils change your life: doTERRA testimonials

January 17, 2018

Of the friends I have spoken with lately who have really embraced learning and using their essential oils, they often say, “I wished I had used these sooner!” and “I never thought I’d love them so much!” Agreed. Once you start seeing all the natural uses – from hormone help, to immunity boosting, to finding toxin-free ways to clean one’s home – you begin to love changing your lifestyle. And I find it trickles in to other parts of your life (like diet and other disciplines!)

Below are a few short testimonials from a few ladies on my team. And don’t miss the immune boosting recipes at the bottom!

Curious or interested about starting your own natural journey? You can visit my doTERRA website here or comment below, and I’d be happy to connect with you, help you find the best enrolment option, or answer any questions you may have.

Personally, my biggest testimonial is how much these oils have helped to keep our little family healthy. If we do get sick, I feel I have a support system, and if I catch it in time – we can avoid colds all together! For instance, yesterday I felt a sore throat coming on. With baby coming any day (due date is today!), I really can’t afford to get sick! I was gargling one drop of On Guard and one drop of Lemon in water several times that day, rolling this immunity blend on my feet, spine and throat and diffusing in the kitchen and our bedroom. By the next day, the sore throat was pretty much gone. This would NOT have been the case years ago for me!

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