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Life with two daughters and a carseat review

February 7, 2018

Wait a minute. They’re BOTH sleeping! Three weeks in to having two girls and I can already attest to the fact that TWO is WAY different than one! But our sweet Afton is definitely that – sweet! She’s so content that even when she’s awake you hardly notice there’s a new baby in the house! Whenever she is sleeping, I try my best to have focused time with Elizabeth – be it colouring, a tea party, dancing or baking. She’s learning to be helpful with Afton, and it’s so sweet to watch her start to kiss her and notice her (without me asking her to!) And you bet there’s been more cartoons than normal, but I’m giving myself grace for this season of winter and transitioning to having two kids! I am learning to do things with one hand, while nursing, while thinking about who needs a diaper change next or whether or not I will shower today (or not!).

So at this moment … It’s so quiet in the house. I pour myself a second cup of coffee with a good dose of almond milk. Grab another energy ball to eat, and make my way to the livingroom, and nearly step in the dog vomit that magically nearly blends in to the rug. The dog looks up at me helplessly. Ugh. I clean that up and then find myself a quiet seat by our livingroom window. The dog sits next to me. I crave to write something.

I can definitely say I feel less anxious this time than with my first baby. Everything was so new with Elizabeth. I made Troy put her in her carseat as much as I could the first bit because I trusted him more than myself. I couldn’t for the life of me keep her swaddled, and made him get up to do it after every night nursing. She cried her face off our first trip out to Winners and I was beside myself (and also spilled my Starbucks as soon as we got in the store!).

But this time – I feel way more at ease. I guess I trust myself more and know that crying happens, nursing feels all-consuming at first, and that this season of “wee-ness” goes by very quickly! I also know that one of the biggest concerns we have as parents is our child’s safety – especially on the road. I was approached by to share their recent findings on the best infant and convertible car seats., a website that conducts unbiased research on products and services created a resource to finding the best infant and convertible car seats. They recognized how difficult it can be to find the right information on car seats, so they evaluated both infant and convertible styles to help inform parents. To find the best, they consulted with child safety experts, dove into federal ease-of-use ratings, surveyed hundreds of parents, and then took a closer look at the top options.

You can see their guides here:

Infant Car Seat

Convertible Car Seat

(we have the Britax Marathon convertible seat and it’s been great so far!)

But for now, I’m going to enjoy the quiet, know that my daughters are safe and sleeping, and count the minutes to when they are awake and its go-time again!

I now hear my oldest waking up… until next time!

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