When characters dance in my head, and need to speak.

Faith Fiction

Father or Fixer?

It had been a while since she’d felt that kind of love. If ever. The little girl of 9-years, having only recently been adopted, was soaking up all the ways her new family lived… { read more }

August 8, 2017
Faith Fiction


My sister-in-law recently gave me the book by Jennie Allen called “Anything”, and it’s really brought conviction and thought. Thus, it inspired this poem. 🙂 Happy thursday everyone! Anything In the middle of the… { read more }

August 27, 2015

The cobbler and the girl

The sun brought beams of warmth through the dirty shop window that Monday morning. Rays of light shone fiercely, like they’d just escaped a grand darkness that they never wanted to experience again. A… { read more }

May 4, 2015
Faith Fiction

A Moment with the King – Part 2

Continued ….Bernice grabbed her branch with the intensity of a man at war, and prepared herself for her coming King. “You make me laugh.” “My mother said always be ready and resourceful,” responded Bernice,… { read more }

April 6, 2012
Faith Fiction

A Moment with the King

I wrote this short story in December 2007, based completely on my imagination expanded from a true Bible story. What follows is NOT Biblical fact. That’s my disclaimer! 😉  Read Mark 11 or Matthew… { read more }

April 5, 2012
Faith Fiction

She Said Yes

Mary sighed, wiped the loose strand of damp hair from her brow, and stood up to stretch her back. Washing the floors at such an early hour was best as she could see where… { read more }

December 18, 2011


December moonlight and soft white snowflakes fell on the English village that cool damp night. Amy walked the same way home after work she always did. Through the cobbled alleys of high street, past… { read more }

December 12, 2011
Fiction Travel

Golden Girls

A short story written in 15 minute, non-stop They do a trip like this every year. They would pick a spot somewhere in the UK that was yet unexplored and trek off for a… { read more }

November 14, 2011
Faith Fiction

What Do You Want?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, sang the melody of the Starbucks radio as she stepped inside and out of the cold.  The bells on the door jingled as it closed. She… { read more }

November 8, 2011
Faith Fiction

His Daughters’ Heart

He takes her hand, it fits perfectly. She looks up at him, and says, “Daddy, which way?” “Just hold my hand. You’ll see.” She takes a deep breath and jumps knowing she’ll be okay.… { read more }

October 11, 2011