Natural Living

Ever since becoming a wife and mother, the responsibility and honour of creating a healthy home has been very important to me. Knowing that there are hidden chemicals in everything from candles (yikes! that really disappointed me!) to normal household cleaners to laundry detergent, made me take a close look at what we were buying. It’s a journey, but one I feel is worth it! My husband was originally a skeptic, but will now tell you how much he loves breathing in peppermint first thing in the morning!

I am a consultant with doTerra, creator of some of the purest essential oils grown and harvested in their indigenous countries around the world. I have experienced their success firsthand in our home, and would love for you to have the same natural health benefits! I use them in cleaning, skin care, toothpaste, laundry, diffusing, internally when sick, or topically as needed. You can read more about my story of what launched me in to using essential oils in our home here.

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