Real Life

How sweet it is to love you

It was a home day. After many days on the go, even after holidays, I’d say we needed it.ย  Your mamma felt exhausted as soon as she woke up. Making a baby perhaps? ๐Ÿ˜‰… { read more }

August 2, 2017
Real Life

Elizabeth: Our 16-month-old girl

How is she already 16-months-old? People said, “You will love every stage.” And it’s so true. I have found there were great challenges and great gifts at each stage – from newborn, to eating,… { read more }

July 26, 2017
Real Life

Hello from Michiganย 

There’s something about a simple change of scenery and not having to be “productive” every day that is so restful. I just wanted to send a quick hello from the suburbs in Michigan where… { read more }

July 10, 2017