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Like leaky balloons

  Like accomplices in the night, they tag-team; destructive and deceitful. They create bars on your heart you didn’t know were there, blocking out the only thing that can set you free from the… { read more }

December 17, 2015

Monday Minute: Give Him time

  It was a rainy evening as we plowed through the highway puddles in his GMC truck. Troy and I had had a busy Saturday, and planned a date day for Sunday: brunch at… { read more }

September 28, 2015

Dying to ‘should’

We live a lot of our lives in the “land of should”. Or at least I have. What do I mean? What should a single person do with their life? What should my career… { read more }

September 25, 2015

His Heart: From the Psalms

Good morning everyone! As promised yesterday, here is a list that I started back in the spring, that I hope helps you dig into the heart and character of God. I hope that you… { read more }

September 3, 2015