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Father or Fixer?

It had been a while since she’d felt that kind of love. If ever. The little girl of 9-years, having only recently been adopted, was soaking up all the ways her new family lived… { read more }

August 8, 2017

Down by the sea

It’s been 2am podcasts, reading a devo on my phone, or a verse here and there the past couple of weeks since Elizabeth arrived! This afternoon she was good and milk drunk so I… { read more }

April 9, 2016

Monday Minute: Give Him time

  It was a rainy evening as we plowed through the highway puddles in his GMC truck. Troy and I had had a busy Saturday, and planned a date day for Sunday: brunch at… { read more }

September 28, 2015

Dying to ‘should’

We live a lot of our lives in the “land of should”. Or at least I have. What do I mean? What should a single person do with their life? What should my career… { read more }

September 25, 2015

Monday Minute: Look. Consider. Seek.

If you google the most amazing places in the world, many of them are off the beaten track; hidden walkways, waterfalls, mountains. Secret places that God has given unimaginable beauty. Check out these few…… { read more }

July 13, 2015

Good or grace?

It was the kind of restaurant that didn’t even need to advertise. Founded in 1987 by a couple of wanderlust twenty-somethings, La Saveur was a dream child. Red pinstriped awnings and gold scripted storefront… { read more }

June 5, 2015