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Let’s meet again

It’s early morning. Snow has started to dust the morning crispy grass. My world of home is still asleep, and I wanted to send you this small thought that hit me the other day,… { read more }

October 31, 2017
Faith Real Life

Go on and flourish

So much can affect our hearts without us realizing it… For me, it was like a pit in my stomach. I knew it was there, yet I kept going back to it. I needed… { read more }

April 26, 2017
Real Life Travel

Roman Wind

Good morning! In my Facebook memory feed the other day was a reminder that it’s been five years since I was in Italy with a friend. I looked back on some of my writing… { read more }

October 26, 2016

Monday Minute: Look. Consider. Seek.

If you google the most amazing places in the world, many of them are off the beaten track; hidden walkways, waterfalls, mountains. Secret places that God has given unimaginable beauty. Check out these few…… { read more }

July 13, 2015

Monday Minute: Evidence to own it

I had a whole different Monday Minute planned, but to be honest, I just wasn’t feeling it. And this morning’s sermon on James 3 changed that. Our Pastor has been preaching through the book… { read more }

June 1, 2015