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Creating Home

$100 decor update

Recently, a friend of mine texted asking if I would decorate her built-ins in her livingroom. She has two boys under 3, and was looking for something to spice up the space, but still… { read more }

October 28, 2015
Creating Home

Herb and dried flower hanger

A while back Troy and I were watching a cooking show on the Food Network where it featured 5-star chefs from around the world. One word – inspiring. One of the restaurants (likely European),… { read more }

September 23, 2015
Creating Home

One photo decor pallet

  A lot of time can be spent, β€˜er, wasted, on Pinterest. A LOT. It can be great for idea perusing, but sometimes it’s overwhelming! And I fall into comparison or deep deep, want!… { read more }

July 8, 2015