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Real Life

Finding simple peace

It’s been my favourite street since we moved into this neighbourhood 2.5 years ago. The trees are mature, with just the right amount of cover and sway, but enough gap to let the morning… { read more }

June 7, 2017


  Sit, remain, don’t rush off just yet. Let me share with you. Trust like a child. Get wet. My hands are here to protect.   I am your Redeemer and Friend, Remain, just… { read more }

September 5, 2016
Faith Real Life

A peaceful heart…

I scurry to write as supper is simmering on the stove, Elizabeth naps, and Troy is in the shop creating. Ready. Set. Write something. Day 2 of eating dairy/sugar/wheat free and I’m noticing I… { read more }

August 11, 2016

Purpose in process

He breathes. Peace. I receive. And then continue to shuffle restlessly. Just wait. Wait to see what I am doing. I pray. Give it to Him. Then take it back. Then count the minutes… { read more }

January 21, 2015