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How sweet it is to love you

It was a home day. After many days on the go, even after holidays, I’d say we needed it.Β  Your mamma felt exhausted as soon as she woke up. Making a baby perhaps? πŸ˜‰… { read more }

August 2, 2017
Real Life

Baby bump at home

As the weeks disappear quickly, we are getting closer and closer to meeting our baby girl! Last week Troy captured a few pictures of me and baby belly, just around our home. I think… { read more }

February 2, 2016
Real Life

Distracted by you

  Little one, I hope you know, that you are a treasure. You came into our life, with hope beyond measure. And the Lord blessed our prayer, For we all wanted you to be… { read more }

January 20, 2016
Real Life

Dear sweet baby

Dear sweet baby, I hope you know that your mamma loves you. That we can hardly wait to meet you. We so wanted you, and God has given us such a gift in you,… { read more }

October 30, 2015